Photo of Clara Lebbos

Clara Lebbos

Computing: Sponsors' Liaison and Industrial Events Coordinator

Hi I’m Clara Lebbos, and I hope to be your Sponsors' Liaison and Industrial Events Coordinator next year!

DoCSoc would not be the same without its many sponsors that help fund the wild bar nights, industry talks, and of course IC Hack. Over the past few months, I’ve spent time getting to know how DoCSoc events are coordinated, and the dedication they require to uphold their standards. Being one of the organisers for IC Hack 19 has exposed me to the workflow of DoCSoc, helped me further understand the sponsors’ mentality and, most importantly, what benefits we as DoCSoc members can receive.

Aside from organising the best events, DoCSoc has further exceeded my expectations of uni-life through their industry connections. Giving us the opportunity to attend several talks from industry giants, speak first hand with Software Engineers and Recruiters, and even play video games with them! As your Sponsors' Liaison and Industrial Events Coordinator, I would continue to organise more of these events.

I would like to be responsible for increasing the career prospects of members of DoCSoc. Firstly, I plan to maintain the relationship with our current sponsors while establishing links with many more. I will coordinate with sponsors to come up with creative workshops and experiences with new technologies. Furthermore, I would improve the Internship 101 talk by including several recruiters from our sponsors.

I believe I have the experience, commitment and drive to make DoCSoc the best it can be for every single one of you.