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Anindita Ghosh

Computing: Treasurer

Hi there!
Throughout my time helping out at DoCSoc events, as an Events Officer and an IC Hack organiser, I have become familiar with the financial knowledge it takes to run events of various scales, as well as the work that goes into budgeting for these events, which is why I’m standing for DoCSoc treasurer.

Some of the financial skills which I have acquired through my time on DoCSoc committee, which I believe will make me suitable for the role of treasurer include:
- Knowing when to use a PO, imprest or claims as well as how to make them
- Knowledge of how much pizza to order for industrial events, as well as how much social events cost
- Negotiating prices and items with suppliers to get the best deal
- Budgeting like a boss

If I am elected as your treasurer, I aspire to achieve the following:
- Secure more sponsorship, so that we can host more subsidised events
- Create and manage the DoCSoc budget throughout the year, updating it once a week
- Maintain a strong relationship with the Imperial College Union to ensure our budgets get approved and our finances are kept in check
- Promptly review approval requests for financial documents, such as sales invoices and purchase orders

I believe that with my set of financial skills, possession of events’ budgets knowledge, and a drive to do better for DoCSoc and its members makes me qualified to take on such financial responsibility, and I hope to become your next treasurer!