Photo of Remi Pelletier

Remi Pelletier

Civil Engineering: Chair

Hi everyone!

I'm Remi, your current Web&Media CivSoc Officer!

I’m running for Chair because I love everything CivSoc does and I want to be even more a part of it. Few societies are able to organise such amazing events, as frequently and with such limited funding, as CivSoc does.

I’m hugely committed to CivSoc - if you elect me, CivSoc will be my #1 priority. I'm not exaggerating.
My 2 years in the committee have allowed me to know quite well how CivSoc, the Union and Skempton's administration work, as well as what YOU want from CivSoc!
I'm the only member of the current committee running this year, so I'm the best fit to will make sure that next year’s committee's ideas can be put into effect and that the successful projects started this year can be further developed. And of course, I’m open to any thoughts you might have!

I hope you vote for me!