Photo of Utku Koksal

Utku Koksal

Electrical Engineering: Industrial Liason Officer

Hello everyone, I am a first year electronic and information engineering student who is running for the position of industrial liaison officer.

It is clear that we as future EIE and EEE graduates form a community with extremely attractive qualities to the industry. However, in order to get those internships, placements and jobs that we desire, employers must be introduced to the qualities Imperial students possess and I believe that is where the industrial liaison officer comes in. By undertaking this role I aspire to enhance the already strong bond between our Department and our future employers and demonstrate to the industry a simple fact: EIE and EEE students and graduates are the most employable people in the job market that they can possibly find.

Since our graduates work in multiple sectors from electronics to finance, industrial connections of the EESoc should represent this broad range. I think we can achieve this by catered sponsorship packages and communicating with our alumni. I was involved in assembling the sponsorship package for my Robotics team in high school which taught me how to incentivize the role of a sponsor to companies; therefore, I wish to implement this experience to liaise with the industry. I got to meet members of the alumni at events that I attended throughout the year and am willing to expand that network. I think that those who love their alma mater as we do will be delighted to give back to the current members of their department.