Photo of Sanjith Nambiar

Sanjith Nambiar

Electrical Engineering: Industrial Liason Officer

Hey everyone! I am Sanjith and I am standing up for the position of Industrial Liaison Officer. As a student, I have realised the struggle all of us face at obtaining a spring or a summer internship. Moreover, many of us find it difficult to realise which industry and role is the right fit for us, at this young age. To help you make such life-changing decisions, I am standing up for the role of ILO.

In this role, I aim to lessen the gap between the students and the industry by firstly, accepting suggestions for which firms you would like to hear from. I will work towards organising industry talks with the suggested firms and setting up panel sessions with representatives of these companies. Secondly, I wish to increase the opportunities for networking and Q&A sessions at the industry talks. Moreover, I aim to coordinate field trips and company tours to help you gain further insight, all while working around your busy lecture schedules. All these changes will definitely personalise your job application process and help you get closer to your career goal.

I will work closely with my fellow ILO and VP industry to envision, plan and deliver the best possible EESoc Industry experience.