Photo of Raphael Bijaoui

Raphael Bijaoui

Electrical Engineering: Industrial Liason Officer

First and foremost I would like to commend Vaikkun and Hardik for the exceptional work they've done this past year as EESoc's Industrial Liaison Officers. I particularly found new events such as the Arm Industry Talk and the EESoc Panel Session great and I'm very grateful for their efforts.

Should I be given your vote, I would firstly ensure our core industry ties are strengthened and maintained appropriately for the next year, making sure that we are able to get a diverse range of sponsors from startups, SMEs, and large enterprises.

Once the portfolio is secured, I would then continue the innovative approach of our previous ILOs by setting up events to bring our students closer to the companies at hand, in both fun and formal settings

This would include:
- Joining corporate sports leagues (i.e. 5 a side football with our sponsors such as Dyson, BP)
- Speed mentoring; getting our students to gain insights from a range of people in a given company in a short timeframe, providing them with a clearer picture of the company at large
and a unique networking experience
- Year-specific events. (I.e. Spring week crash-course for first/second years, Third-Year placement opportunities, advice on grad-schemes from alumni)

From having spent two years in a Logistics unit managing ties inside the Singapore Army, to having served as Head Boy for my 1,400-strong High School, I'm confident I can do the job.

... now all I need is your vote!

Thank you,