Photo of Raj Jain

Raj Jain

Electrical Engineering: Industrial Liason Officer

Hi everyone! I am back for a role at EESoc but this time, I am standing up for Industrial Liason Officer. As some of you may know, I am the Publicity Officer at EESoc for this year and I had a fantastic time. I worked closely with the industry team in their events such as careers fair and industry talks and have realized that, this role is a great fit for me. But as we all know EEE/EIE are very demanding courses and all of you guys deserve the best possible companies coming to recruit you, in our department.

If elected, I would take a proactive approach to collect feedback on the Industry talks that you guys have attended in the past few months and work on implementing the changes, that you'd like to see. I would also work towards getting you in touch with your dream companies and their representatives by actively enhancing the sponsorship agreement process. Moreover, I will aim to organize majority of the industry talks during the recruitment season to help you realize if the firm and the industry is the right fit for you. I would also work towards collaborating with my fellow ILO and VP Industry to organize more Career Fairs and Industry Talks, specifically in start-ups.

Finally, I would like to wish everyone taking part in these elections the best of luck!