Photo of Kanav Agarwal

Kanav Agarwal

Electrical Engineering: Industrial Liason Officer

Hi guys, I am Kanav, a second year EEE student and I am running for the position of Industrial Liason Officer for EE-Soc.

I am running for ILO because having attended various EE-Soc industry talks events over the past two years, I have realized how important they are for students. Students get opportunities ranging from interacting with representatives of various companies, to having socials where they meet the people in their course outside the academic environment. The role of ILO is very crucial in planning the industry talks and requires a certain skillset that I believe I possess.

Having been elected for two consecutive years as the academic representative, I have been able to voice the opinion of my cohort efficiently, which reflects my reliability and sense of responsibility. I also worked closely with other representatives to solve issues regarding the whole department, which further helped me develop the skills of teamwork.

If elected, my primary objectives would be –
• To organize industry talks delivered by a diverse set of companies which cover sectors beyond engineering and give an insight what working in a different sector, for example banking, is like.
• To get the companies delivering talks throw light on their placement opportunities and expectations from the candidates applying for the role.
• To invite a wider spectrum of companies, in terms of size, to cater to the needs of every student.

If you agree and wish to see the above ideas get implemented, VOTE for me in the upcoming elections.