Photo of Rudolfs Spuris

Rudolfs Spuris

Electrical Engineering: Events Officer

I've never worked in an office and have seen The Office 3 times. I believe that is enough reasons for you to vote me in as your new Events Officer.

Going into the 3rd year I don't feel old and tired. Having gathered all the experience of last years, I'm bursting with energy to give you gals and guys the most eventful year that you will see. My focus this year will be set on coming up with more casual, short events. Events that serve as a small energising break from the studies, like gathering to play some football on a sunny day in the park after lectures with your friends. That being said I'm also gonna give my best for making sure your pub crawls, dinners and curry nights go without a hitch. I will be your designated driver. Latvians are well known (among other Latvians that is, few know of our existence) for their nationwide song, dance and drink folk traditions that are beloved to this day, I aim to give such traditions to our department.

Lots of love,
Your friendly neighbourhood Rudolfs