Photo of Priya Chhaya

Priya Chhaya

Electrical Engineering: Events Officer

Hi!! I’m Priya, a first year EEE student.

Through the past year, I think I’ve been to most of the EESoc events, from the pub crawl to religiously attending every industry talk in 1st term. Some of my closest friends in 1st year have been made at these events and it’s crazy to think that this is down to the dedication and hard work of the events officers.

I would love to have the same positive impact within the EESoc community which has made me feel so at home, and so I am here before you today running to be your Events Officer!

Like everyone, I’ve enjoyed the events so far and can’t wait to improve them in the future. I’ve got ideas of different flavours too, including:
- a minEE Hackathon - it’s time we host our own!
- Games Nights (and not just board games, XBox and maybe a cheeky game of Mario Kart!)
- KaraokEE with mums and dads!
- Merch: introduction of EEsocks

If you can’t tell by the amount of exclamation marks I’ve tried to cram in so far, I’m quite enthusiastic and willing to work with you to give the best events experience possible.

To create any good event, a lot of planning, organisation and enthusiasm is needed. But mostly importantly, your input is needed too! So, a vote for Pri is a vote for EE! (soc)