Photo of Isabella Breslin

Isabella Breslin

Electrical Engineering: Events Officer

Studying at imperial can be hard, but why should we let that stop us from having good socials? We can still "work hard, play hard". I think we could have a lot more events of different kinds. With our lack of common room, there is a need for events like these to bring us together and actually get to know each other outside of labs and lectures.

For events, I would want to organise more club/bar nights and events with different departments, so we are no longer a subject that doesn’t socialise much with others. In addition, I want to try to organise different trips during the year.

I myself enjoy socials and have been to lots run by EEsoc. I love meeting lots of new people and want to try to improve the number and quality of events for the future, to build stronger connections in our department. I have already organised one first year EEE social to try to bring us together and am currently organising another and hopefully more into the future.

Thank you