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Arjun Bhushan

Electrical Engineering: Publicity Officer

Dear Voters,

I'm Arjun, currently a 1st year EEE student, that is eager to represent the EESoc as the Publicity Officer.

EEE easily has the best student community in Imperial and EESoc is one of the best departmental societies in CGCU - if I were to be elected, I would aim to increase the communication between the commitee and the students through greater social media interaction and face-to-face interactions.

But, I'm a 1st year - so why should you vote for me?

- I have the key ingredients and skills for this role - organisation, time management, confidence and communication

- I am commited to shoving EESoc's events down peoples throats, spamming people's Facebook pages, and screaming when tickets sales open across 408

- I would continue the 'Humans of EE' series that started this year, however I would increase the frequency of posts to make it bi, or tri-weekly, as this can be seen as one of the main platforms that gives Imperial an insight into the EESoc Community.

EESoc does produce some of the best events as a departmental comittee, however they do not gain the traction they deserve - thus one of my sub tasks would be to create a larger buzz around EESoc so that we would have more members joining from other departments.

EESoc is just as good as DoCSoC - the only difference is that we don't talk about it every 10 minutes.