Photo of Rebecca Hallam

Rebecca Hallam

Electrical Engineering: President

If you don’t know me, I’m Becca, 3rd year EEE, Events 18-19, & Publicity 17-18. If you do, yes – I’m running for committee again, no - you can’t get rid of me.

University isn’t just about a degree or (well paid) graduate job. It’s about experiences, fun and life-long friends. EESoc provides this, and I’ve loved being part of the committee. So I’m back (, back again), running for President.

But why me?
• I’m passionate about my degree, department and society – always willing to go above and beyond, taking pleasure in doing so.
• 2 years on committee has taught me how it works, how to manage it alongside my degree, and skills, such as time management, organisation and creativity.
• I’m hard working and motivated, juggling 3 committee positions sports, music, tour guiding for the dept, and maintaining my grades.
• This year I delivered - collaborative events (yep), bigger New Year’s dinner (done), sober socials (check), stash (obviously) and trip (who’s hyped for Poland?!).

This year, I promise to…
• Provide more transparency about what we do, and where the money goes.
• Offer feedback opportunities.
• Host study sessions - we all know how hard this degree can be.
• More industry and bigger social events with cheaper tickets.
• A yearbook and leaving party for the class of 2020.
• Continued support for the wonderful WiEE society.

So if you want a friendly face that you know will put her all + more into the role, and an even better year from EESoc, then please vote for me, Becca.