Photo of Zahra Deji-Abiola

Zahra Deji-Abiola

Chemical Engineering: First Year Coordinator

First year so far has had many ups and downs for me. For many, this is their first time away from home, their first time having to make new friends, their first time that they've found themselves struggle to keep it together. With so many of us in the department it can be all to easy to feel overwhelmed and alone, blending into the crowd. I believe that that shouldn't be the case and I want to do more to ensure everyone has the best experience that they can.
I enjoy working with different types of people which I have developed from tutoring, mentoring and working at a care home. I care deeply about helping others. I want to change the way that the Mum's and Dad's program is run. I have noticed a wide gap in the effort of resources some parents have put into their role comepared to others. I believe there should be more emphasis on the way that they can provide support especially before big events in the year like tests and projects. They can be encouranged to give more insight into different lectures and the options that we have in the year. I believe that there should be more of an emphasis on having parents with similar interest to you as well and would like to imrpove the way we are grouped.