Photo of Jawwad Adel

Jawwad Adel

Aeronautics: President

Hello, Aeronauts!
My name is Jawwad and as I enter my final year at this department, I hope to serve as your next Aerosoc President. Most of you probably know me best as your Department Wellbeing Rep and for getting the games in our common room. However, what you probably don’t know is the work that went on behind the scenes on the student satisfaction project where I’ve worked closely with the department and ex-Aerosoc President, Eddy (current L.E.K consultant), to negotiate improvements to our community including the appointment of the mental health officer for next year. The president role will allow me to get directly involved in the materialisation of some of the other proposed changes.

As President, my aims also include:

• Diversifying career talks and industry visits that cater to both engineering and non-engineering minded individuals.

• Launching an annual Aero-Yearbook that serves as a one-stop reference, an alumni archive and of course a collection of your fondest aero memories!

• Negotiating a careers training week that involves a series of CV, cover letter and networking workshops followed by alumni presentations and ending with a departmental careers fair.

• Offering exciting new social activities for everybody alongside the traditional favourite Aerosoc events!

• Bolstering Aerosoc’s finances (Read: More Pizza) through a more vigorous sponsorship effort and establishing connections with partners from a wider range of industries.

If you believe I can do a good job – give me your vote! Let’s make this community one that we’re truly proud being part of!