Photo of Raphael Barreto

Raphael Barreto

CGCU: Spanner Bearer (Events Officer)

Raphael Spanner

When you think of a spanner…. what do you think? Well, I hope that next year, you think of me because I want to become one with the CGCU spanner. On my first day, when I walked across fresher’s fair I was instantly stunned by the beauty of the CGCU spanner. I really loved “all its curves and all its edges… all it’s perfect imperfections” - JL. A spanner is solid, strong, unyielding. Characteristics that most spanner bearers should have and I don’t entirely fit that description but the point is I kind of fit.

If I get elected as spanner bearer (which would be the highest honour for me). I will make it my life's goal to retrieve the other mascots and make sure to humiliate the other faculties for having lost to the amazing union that is the CGCU. I'm not your usual spanner bearer: I go to the gym every week (and that's only partly because it's on my way home and I have no choice but to walk through it) just to be able to one day lift up a spanner. If you vote for me and I become elected afterward, do come to me to discuss possible strategems and tactics to steal some mascots and we can turn it into some amazing social experience.

Think Spanner. Think Raphael. Think Me.