Photo of Robert Hyde

Robert Hyde

CGCU: Sports Officer

I could give a speech about what I achieved as the CGCU Sports Officer last year, but no one should rely on the past. New year new me. Every day is a lesson. Life is the teacher.
Instead, my plan for the future...

My one sole aim is to make the CGCU Football League bigger and better. More divisions, more crunching tackles, more March Madness. The beautiful game is one that must be cherished and nurtured, my hands are the safest pair out there, my feet are surprisingly small and my heart's in the right place.

Transparency is key, comprise must happen, so I will have to limit on number of teams per division slightly to make the schedule more manageable. This is not what I want, but feel I must do. But this will boost the number of divisions though, possibility into a world cup format, who knows.

Enough talk, I already have a draft of my acceptance speech.