Photo of Ramana Sabapathy

Ramana Sabapathy

CGCU: Communications Chair

Hello Engineers!

I’m Ramana, a second-year aeronautics student running to be your next Communications Chair!

Why choose me?

Through my various leadership roles in my life and at Imperial, I have acquired valuable skillsets that this position entails. As the AeroSoc Industrial Liaisons Officer, I have learnt to connect with authenticity, which has helped me organise numerous career talks and site tours. With an interplay of people and negotiation skills, I also secured major sponsorship deals from Airbus, Mercedes AMG, and Rolls Royce, while forging new relationships with organisations like the European Space Agency. As the current Head of Marketing for the ICL Rocketry team, and an Imperial College Senior President’s Ambassador and a director of a theatrical production at Imperial, I have learnt to think out of the box and look at issues in creative ways which have yielded positive results. Having had significant experience during my army days in organising large-scale public events that require strong leadership and teamwork qualities as well as soft skills, I know what it takes to unite differences.

What’s on my core checklist if elected?
• Be YOUR Voice – to communicate your views to the Union.
• Bring the Union to YOU - through extensive publicity and outreach programmes.
• Create more opportunities for participation in community-engagement activities.
• Introduce new, fun-initiatives to brighten up our busy lives.
• Build strong relationships with our key stakeholders to facilitate all of the above.

I will do more so that WE get more!

Please vote for me. Thank you!