Photo of Douglas Lau

Douglas Lau

CGCU: Communications Chair

Hey y’all, it’s the return of Doug! For those who don’t know me, I’m a 2nd-year ChemEng student and I’d love to be your Communications Chair!

At the start of this academic year, I was elected to be your Media & Marketing Officer. From then till now, I’ve been publicising events such as CGCU Puppy Therapy. Recently, I’ve also been working on the campaign for new CGCU regalia (you’ll hear more about this later).

Through this, I’ve developed a good understanding of the inner workings of the CGCU. The role also gave me more experience in using social media effectively. As a result, I’m confident in being able to continue what I’m doing now at a higher level as your Communications Chair!

Now on to what I want to do:
- Continue helping the Media & Marketing officers and Guildsheet editors keep you in the loop about events going on in the CGCU, your department, and even other departments!
- Continue keeping the activities of the CGCU transparent and inclusive by posting stories so you never miss out on what’s going on!
- Oversee the delivery of fresh CGCU regalia so you can remember the fun times you’ve had with us when you graduate (or even just to keep warm ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)!
- Be the link between you and the CGCU. Ultimately, the CGCU represents you and I want to ensure that you have a great student experience!

What are you waiting for? Vote Doug!