Photo of Ramana Sabapathy

Ramana Sabapathy

CGCU: Education Chair

Hi Engineers!

I’m Ramana, a second-year aeronautics student, running to be your Education Chair!

I have a firm footing for this role, due to myriad leadership roles I’ve held. Through these, I have acquired 5Cs – creativity, commitment, confidence, communication and critical thinking. These have enabled me to unite differences and work as a team towards wholesome goals. Examples include my role as the AeroSoc Industrial Liaisons Officer, where I organised numerous career talks and site tours, secured major sponsorship deals from Airbus, Mercedes AMG, and Rolls Royce, while forging relationships with European Space Agency. Moreover, through my current and previous roles such as the: Head of Marketing for the ICL Rocketry team; Imperial College Senior President’s Ambassador; director of a theatrical production at Imperial; army experience in organising mega public events; and being a student academic representative in college, I have also gained vital life and soft skills, and the ability to create value in what my team and I can do.

As the Education Chair, I will:
• Represent YOU and be YOUR voice at the faculty and university level.
• Raise and solve academic issues WE face.
• Improve the availability of educational resources and teaching standards across the faculty.
• Promote inter-departmental collaborations and the use of shared spaces.
• Communicate with all important stakeholders to ensure that our Engineering faculty is kept abreast of time to provide us with the best and most relevant education.

I am committed to OUR growth, and ONLY your vote will allow this.

Thank you.