Photo of Poppy Oldroyd

Poppy Oldroyd

CGCU: Education Chair

Hi everyone, I'm Poppy, a third-year Biomedical Engineer with a passion for education and improving students studies at Imperial!

Why should you vote for me?
Having been part of the Bioengineering Society for the last two years, as secretary and president, I have had the chance to hear about many of the issues facing students with regards to their studies and stress. These issues are brought up more than they should be, which has highlighted to me that there is a real need for more communication between students and the teaching committee. In this role, I have liaised with staff and reps to try and improve teaching standards across the department as well as run academic events to enhance our member's education. This role demands someone who is approachable and organised, I believe my experience on the departmental committee has given me those attributes.

Aims of my candidacy:
- Improve student feedback and communication in this important time of the college-wide curriculum review
- Improve timetabling issues faced by many departments, especially during exam season
- Deal with the lack of space, both computer labs and study rooms, in all the engineering buildings
- Liaise more with the dep reps so they have all the skills needed to tackle problems in their own departments
- Organise more meetings between dep reps of different departments to find out what is working well

Thank you for taking the time to read my manifesto, if you have any questions please drop me an email!