Photo of Michael Hofmann

Michael Hofmann

CGCU: Education Chair

Imperial should be the best place in the world to study engineering. This means that we have outstanding teaching quality combined with the best facilities, always striving to stay ahead. We should have a faculty that works across different departments that truly serves you and supports you.

Too often “what you are paying for” in lectures, notes, videos, feedback etc. can leave you guessing and needing to do extra to understand and apply the content. Imperial Engineering must be ushered into the 21st century and should provide better support in helping you develop concrete skills.

I will strive to support the college’s teaching and learning strategy as well as curriculum development to enhance the quality of e-learning, resources and project-based learning within the faculty. Equally all feedback should be timely and of a consistently high quality. Simultaneously we must ensure that teaching is aligned to what employers actually want.

I have previously been an academic year rep, department rep and chair of society within Design Engineering. In addition to this I sit on an employer panel within the Government’s Department of Education developing a new Engineering curriculum for 16 to 18 year-olds. I therefore know what it takes to work towards a world class education. As a Design Engineering student (the closest thing to general engineering at Imperial) I have a strong appreciation for the wide range of disciplines in the faculty and will work tirelessly to give everyone the very best experience of studying Engineering at Imperial.