Photo of Hayley Wong

Hayley Wong

CGCU: Education Chair

One of the questions I get asked most often when I mention I am running for this election - ‘Lol what is CGCU?’. It seems like, especially in the lower years, no one is sure how this engineers union actually affects them. And I am here to change that. I am running for the role of Education Chair because I want to make changes that actually matter. Some examples of what I will do:

- Ensure a balanced workload with a good effort to reward ratio for each module

- For CivEng, explore the possibility of an increased number of modules recorded on Panopto

- Improve the feedback system for things such as progress tests and problem sheets, for example a more transparent Blackboard grading system for MechEng and a more efficient study group system for Electrical Engineers

- Work closely with the Communications Chair to make sure all academic changes and decisions are clearly relayed to each individual affected student

- Make sure the voices of students from each and every engineering departments will be heard at the faculty level

Above is just a fraction of what I aim to improve. As I receive more feedback and suggestions from the various Dep Reps, I will implement more policies that will be beneficial to you. The experience of being an academic rep for the Aeronautics department will definitely help me succeed in doing so. I look forward to representing you in the CGCU!