Photo of Steven Dillmann

Steven Dillmann

CGCU: Media and Marketing Officer

Hi CGCU Engineers!

I'm Steven from the Department of Aeronautics and I decided to stand for the position as the CGCU Media and Marketing Officer as I am highly motivated to make our active CGCU community shine even more and represent 4200 Imperial Engineering students on campus and beyond.

I'm holding positions of responsibility within my department and the college such as the Academic Representative and an Imperial College President's Ambassador. Moreover, I'm part of the Marketing Team of the Imperial College Rocketry Team which is going to compete in the "Spaceport America Cup" in 2020. I'm managing the team's social media, contacting engineering companies for sponsorship opportunities and actively taking part in meetings with potentials supporters such as the UK Space Agency.

This year I had the pleasure to work on the new CGCU Regalia project. Together with the fantastic CGCU team, we have worked hard to make this project a great success! This experience showed me the vast opportunities the CGCU has to offer and I'm excited to hopefully be part of the CGCU committee. My goals are to further expand the significance of the CGCU by making it an attractive network of and for Imperial students. This will be achieved by vitalizing our social media, keeping everyone updated regarding events or talks and most importantly listening to your ideas for raising the CGCU to new heights.

I would feel very honoured if you gave me the chance to be your CGCU Marketing Officer!

Many Thanks,
Steven Dillmann