Vote for Adrian.

If you do not vote for Adrian, but instead vote for me, I will have to inform you that this will end in nothing but bloodshed (or, much more accurately, a little bit of non-violent tear shedding).
A vote for me is a promise to see the Felix newspaper seized as the means of production of mostly trivial news stories, converted into a potential tool of slander (in the limits of legality) against those who would stand against the student Union -- nay, the Peoples' Student Union that will arise thanks to the glorious revolution inspired by the vanguard party that controls this powerful student newspaper.

The cat will have it's true meaning reestablished as the all-inspiring Anarchist symbol of resistance against the capitalist classes of Imperial college. I vow to run a never-ending campaign against the bigoted, racist, *imperialist* name of our college, to seize it back for the workers.

Or, maybe, if you're suitably angry at me for that pun, even though there's a nicely debatable serious message behind it, then I'd recommend voting for Adrian, who will probably be taking this a lot more seriously than me.

P.S. I hope Adrian is actually running in this election. Otherwise, this might be very confusing. Demand to be allowed to vote for Adrian anyway, I say.