Photo of Henry Alman

Henry Alman

Felix Editor

Hello! I'm Henry, current Science Editor for Felix and Student Ambassador for The Times. I'm here to ensure the cat stays student-focused; I have big ideas for Felix!

As well as maintaining the excellent standards already in place (particularly for inclusiveness and student engagement), I want to:

⚜ Rehaul the editorial process so we can include more longform articles, either including a fortnightly "Features" section or possibly by moving to a two-week editorial cycle. This:

⫸Encourages writers and editors to experience a full collaborative process.
⫸Allows students who cannot guarantee availability every week the chance to get involved!
⫸Prioritises high-impact, high-quality articles.

⚜ Secure funding to help students take trips to events far and wide for on-the-scene reporting and investigative journalism. This:

⫸Diversifies our content; everyone from everywhere should be represented in our stories.
⫸Enables students to chase stories wherever they may be, rather than being financially limited to London. ICL is an international university; our student paper should have the same mentality.

⚜ Demystify the Union.
⫸There is a contingent of students not being catered for - those who just don't speak Union-ese! We need to bridge that gap and explain the inner workings more thoroughly whenever we run Union-based content.

⚜ Increase focus on students and people. Includes introducing more interview-based content.
⫸We want to write about you, not at you!

⚜ Continue to partner with The Times to run workshops for writers and editors.
⫸Improves article quality.
⫸Provides unique opportunities/training for journalism-minded students.

Vote Henners to keep the cat student-focused!