Photo of Wei Tin

Wei Tin

Singapore: Sports Officer

I’m am Wei Heng from year 1 aeronautical engineering. Sports and events organized by Singapore Society has given me the opportunity to interact and bond with other Singaporeans and feel more at home in London. As a sports officer, I will draw on the experiences I had and provide an even better and more inclusive experience for members by bringing everyone together through sports and games.
I aim to do so by making sports and games more inclusive and accessible by creating a unified social media platform for all things related to ICSS sports and games. This will provide members with information of sports activities, sessions and board game loaning information. It will also provide members who wish to form new sports groups a channel to find people with similar interests. I also aim to extend ICSS sports to include E-sports and board/card game sessions.
I have had experience as a quartermaster in my Junior College’s volleyball team. I managed the team’s logistics, such as purchasing equipment, liaising with external vendors, and booking sports venues. My experience in this field and vision for ICSS sports will aid me well in performing my duties as a sports officer.