Photo of Qi Woo

Qi Woo

Singapore: Events Officer

Hi, I’m Qi Hua, a first year Mechanical Engineering student running for Events Officer.

Events, these are the circumstances that draw people together. Sojourn, UKBound, Major Event, these are some events that will be forever etched in bittersweet memories that make Imperial College Singapore Society a home away from home. The sense of satisfaction that comes with knowing that you have made a positive difference in the experiences that people have in their time here is why I am running for the role of Events Officer.

Previous leadership positions in school and in the army have given me valuable opportunities to oversee and plan events such as orientation and fundraisers. These experiences have equipped me with skill sets which will allow me to contribute most in the role of an Events Officer.

I envision a Singapore Society with events that are attractive and inclusive, appealing to a wider range of people where everyone will feel like they belong. Specifically, I envision UKBound to be bigger than ever before where we can partner with Singapore Societies from other schools to deliver events that integrate a wider range of people with different interests.

Running as an Events Officer, I believe that we have the courage to step out of the norm and to do what we feel is in the best interest for the members of Sing
Soc, allowing our members to see Singapore Society as a home they will always return to.

I hope to have your support, thanks!