Photo of Lydia He

Lydia He

Singapore: Events Officer

Hello there, I’m Lydia, a Computing first year student running for Events Officer.

To me, the heart of SingSoc is an openness towards people from all walks of life, welcoming all who wish to join our humble society. The life essence is the bit of warmth that we feel- almost like home, in this cold and dreary city of London.

Then, Events would be the link, the platform where fresh faces and regular ones meet, talk, and new friendships blossom. Friends come together in one huge group with the sole objective of having fun and creating new memories.

Thus far, SingSoc events have done that for me. I came here not expecting SingSoc to become such a major part of my life. But after attending Sojourn on the urging of a good friend, I had such a great time and met such wonderful people that I just kept coming back. I want to do that for our members, old and new. This is why I am running for Events Officer.

As Events Officer, I would strive to make our events fun for you to attend. I would strive to organise events where, at the end of it, you would say with a happy (but possibly tired) sigh, “That was ?”

To achieve this, I would gather feedback and opinions from you, on what is a good event for you, and how you think previous events can be improved upon. I hope for your support, and another great year ahead!