Photo of Yixuan Fu

Yixuan Fu

Singapore: Liaison Officer

Hey everyone, my name is Yixuan, and for those of you who don’t know me, I was that legendary (or just really boliao) person who was somehow involved in CMC – cast, music and chorale during ME this year. Jokes aside, I am running for the role of Liaison Officer and I would appreciate your support in this venture.

To be honest, I hesitated when considering whether to run for this role. Unlike LOs from previous years, my background in photography is mediocre at best. So, while I have little to contribute to the albums of pictures from PDT, Sojourn, UKBound or ME, I know that there is a trusty gang of Photokakis who will have my back. :)

Beyond capturing your moments of fun, the Liaison Officer acts as a feedback channel between the members and the committee. This society is run by its members as much as it is run by the committee, and one does not need an elected role to provide suggestions or point out room for improvement. As an LO, I will strive to ensure efficient dissemination of info and updates to all members, reach out to new freshers as well as engage members in the running of SingSoc.

I hope to be able to gain your trust as the most suitable candidate to be the next Liaison Officer. With your support, I will try my best within this role to bring SingSoc to greater heights. Thank you.