Photo of Jin Kai Lu

Jin Kai Lu

Singapore: Liaison Officer

Hello everyone, I am Jin Kai and I am running for the position of Liaison Officer. I am running to be a part of the 37th Executive Committee as I want to be able to give back to the Singsoc family which has given me a home away from home. Through Singsoc, I have found much support and friendship which has given me a taste of home, and I hope to be able to contribute and ensure that Singsoc continues to be a place which we can all call home.

Having been a member of the Infocomm Club in my secondary school, I have some experience in graphic design, photography and videography which would be useful in performing the duties of the Liaison Officer. In addition, my experience in my secondary school’s Student Council has given me experience in organising events and gathering and acting upon suggestions from stakeholders, which would allow me to contribute towards the work of the Executive Committee.

All in all, it is my wish to be able to contribute towards this home away from home that we all treasure and share, and I hope to be able to earn your vote for me as Liaison Officer.

Thank you.