Photo of Hung-Hsi Chen

Hung-Hsi Chen

Singapore: Liaison Officer

I’m Chelsea Chen, and I’d like to run for LO for one simple reason - to give back to Singsoc as much as it’s given me. Being 6,736 miles away from Singapore, SingSoc is the closest thing I have to home. Through various SingSoc events, I had the opportunity to bond with people, some of which I can firmly call my “family” in London. I’ve always wanted to contribute to the community, and I feel my personality and past experience is most suited to LO. Personality wise, I am outgoing, so communicating with others comes naturally and is something i genuinely enjoy. Together with my adventurous nature, I like to try new ways to advertise the society and the events.

In terms of my past experience, having being the president of student council in my previous school has taught me not only how to communicate and collaborate with others, but to act as a communication bridge between small companies, staff and the student body. With experience in social media marketing and knowledge in photography, I know I can put my skills to good use as a LO. If I were elected as the LO, I’d like to to keep up and go beyond what the current ExCo has already accomplished by expanding the social media platform and manage it differently. I won’t make empty promises that I won’t be able to fulfil, so all I ask is your faith in me to carry out the role as a LO.