Photo of Jianing Zhong

Jianing Zhong

Singapore: Treasurer

Hello, my name is Jianing and I am running for the position of treasurer as it is something that I see myself enjoy doing and have the confidence of doing it well. To me, the most important qualities of a treasurer is the need to be organized and responsible as it involves the management of thousands of dollars and to be accountable for them. With previous experiences in positions such as the secretary, as well as the team leader of my YFC project which involved careful planning on the spending of the seed fund and the management of income and donations of more than 7000, I have had a taste of what it feels like to handle finances and admin work. As such, I am aware of the expectations, responsibility and commitment needed to be the treasurer and a member of the committee.

As budgeting requires an understanding of the direction the society would like to take for the upcoming year, as well as the events we would like to bring, it is therefore unrealistic for me to speak of any budgeting promises at this moment. Nonetheless, I'm more inclined to setting aside more budget on activities that can bring a huge group of us together such as ME and team sports as I strongly believe that Singsoc should be a place where students from Singapore find themselves comfortable in, and it should act as a starting point for freshers to build their new social circle in this unfamiliar environment.