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Emily Haw

Singapore: Treasurer

Hi guys, I’m Emily and I’m running for the position of Treasurer for Singapore Society (SingSoc). The past few months in Imperial has been nothing short of fun and eye-opening for me, and being a part of SingSoc as well as participating in Major Event 2019 has definitely played key roles in defining my experience I had in London. However, many of the events I went for in SingSoc could not have been possible without sufficient funding and the efficient use of these resources. As such, I would like to run for the position of Treasurer to give back to SingSoc, a place where I found friends I knew would be there with me during my highs and lows, and sustain events like these that could help other people get the same experiences I had with SingSoc.

I believe that I am suited to the role of Treasurer since I am a systematic individual. I understand that the treasurer manages the official expenditure and income of Singsoc, as well as handling paperwork for these account issues. As such, being someone who is orderly and makes sure that her work is up to date, I believe that I would be able to handle the responsibilities of the treasurer quite well. Other than handling financial affairs, a treasurer is also part of the exco, and I would be more than happy to help out my fellow exco members as necessary if I’m free.