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Zhi Zhang

Singapore: President

Vote Zhi Hang for Singsoc President!

Who am I?

I am Zhi Hang, a first-year student studying Aeronautical Engineering!

I am really appreciative of what Singsoc has done to keep ourselves comfortable and united. I feel that the greatest opportunity to give back to Singsoc is to lead a new team towards the greater progress of our society.

Why run for Presidency?

I want to:

Continue the strong community for Singaporean students at Imperial.

Maintain consistency in providing positive experiences.

Forge greater relationships and inclusivity.

Be an effective member who constantly provides the pillar of support.

Be passionate for what Singsoc shows about our identity.

Vision for Singsoc?

I believe Singsoc can:

Continue to serve its purpose: To bring Singaporeans together; to be an inclusive society which provides the platform of support for everyone.

Seek the continuous appeal to both seniors and juniors. Explore with new initiatives that cater to all natures of the population.

Embrace a ‘For the Members, By the Members’ approach, encouraging greater feedback from member and achieve a shared ambition.

Provide a platform to reach out to others - greater collaborations with other organisations.

Vote for me!

Responsible, hardworking, committed, I have a strong passion to make Singsoc our family we desire.

I have good people skills, and hopefully, it translates to greater connections within and beyond the society.

I had past leadership experiences that have allowed me to strengthen my leadership skills. I want to challenge myself and am ready to learn more from new encounters.