Photo of Chuan Sun

Chuan Sun

Singapore: President

Hi! I am Tyler and I hope to bring more exciting things for you, the members of SingSoc!
My main focus as president is to give freshers a smooth transition into life in Imperial College. I would spend resources into implementing new initiatives, rather than changing the events that are already good. I aim to improve the communication between the committee and members, and I want to provide members with more opportunities to broaden their horizons.
As president, I aim to liaise with private companies in Singapore to provide internship and career opportunities in summer, since most members spend this time back home. At the same time, this could bring in more sponsors so that we could organise more events at a cheaper price.
I believe that more social events should be organised in collaboration with other societies. This could give members a chance to meet new people. Of course, these events would be additional, and our main priority would still be Singaporean-exclusive events.
Many of us have friends in other UK universities and I find that not many events are held to bring us all together. I aim to organise more events that bring the different SingSocs together.
Last but not least, I am sure that many of you have ideas on how to make SingSoc better. I am very approachable and is always happy to implement new ideas that you may have!
If you want to see these ideas become a reality, vote for me!