Photo of Chen Pang Tay

Chen Pang Tay

Malaysian: Events Officer

Name: Tay Chen Pang
Course: Geophysics
Position: Events Officer
Proposer: Chang Eu Han (ceh16, 3rd Year Chemical Engineering)
Seconder: Gary Tan (gt4017, 2nd Year Biochemistry)

Why Events Officer?
My main intention is to help members of the ICUMS build stronger relationships with each other.
One of my focus will be increasing the involvement of 3rd and 4th years. By bringing fresh events and bringing back old events such as subsidized buddy family/departmental dinner and gatherings.
What you can expect to see during my tenure:
Uniting ICUMS members, forming a family-like community.
Involving more 3rd and 4th year students in events so that the freshers and 2nd years can get to know them well.
Giving ICUMS members the opportunity to experience foreign cultures through arts and cultural events.
Organizing joint events with other cultural societies in ICL and MSOCs around London.

How I am going to make it possible:
Improving or at the very least maintain successful events from the previous year while introducing new events. Improvements on logistics of events are expected.
Introducing ‘Karaoke Night’. As this event have never been introduced before, everyone including seniors and juniors will be eager to join.
Subsidized buddy family/departmental dinner and gatherings.
Increasing the number of events like casual events that are centered around food.
Potential events such as Senior Ball, Orchestra Night, Departmental sports competition and E-sports Game Night.