Photo of Xin Teng

Xin Teng

Malaysian: Vice President

In the short time that I have been here, MSoc has given me experiences to cherish and a family to lean on. I've been blessed to leaen from new opportunities, yet always feel a sense of belonging. I would like to ensure that this welcoming environment is maintained while giving back to the community, and I believe that I am capable to do so as your Vice President.

As Vice President, I will:

- Provide support to the President in his/her duties at all times
- Aid the committee members in carrying out their responsibilities
- Communicate with committee members regularly for improvements to be made to MSoc as a whole
- Continue to preserve the inclusive community of MSoc

As Mnight Producer, I plan to:

- Carry on with the efforts of previous producers in having ticket sales through Union
- Make early room bookings
- Communicate with departments for earlier integration of divisions
- Ensure generation of promotional material used on social media frequently
- Maintain a high morale for everyone throughout Mnight season

To improve upon previous issues faced:

- Include administrative roles for Scriptwriter, especially closer towards Mnight
- Have divisions set up a timeline and checklist for rehearsals, and to give recordings and feedback to members
- Set up Google Drives for divisions, allowing members to view relevant information
- Utilise Google Forms for members to inform beforehand of their absence
- Have a personalised Dikir system where members are in groups for consultation and arrangement of extra practices
- Have formal quality checks of the script consistently with consultants