Photo of Yee Siow

Yee Siow

Malaysian: Secretary

Name: Siow Yee Tong
Position: Secretary
Proposer: Elvin Ngu (Civil Engineering 2nd Year)
Seconder: Jordan Aw (Civil Engineering 2nd Year)

The value that I appreciate most from being in MSoc is the inclusiveness of the society. Having several non-Malaysians being involved in our society and events was what touched me the most. It warms my heart knowing that as Malaysians we are proud and willing to share our culture. Therefore, I wish to run as secretary for MSoc, as I aspire to propagate this aura to people who wish to explore our culture.

A few things I wish to implement/improve:
1) Create documents which keep track of problems faced and how they were resolved during event planning and event execution stage, to be passed down to future committee members.

2) Instead of just creating monthly newsletters, I would like to attach monthly feedback forms as well. The feedback forms will be focused on getting feedbacks based on previous month’s events.

3) Making the newsletters more personal to the members of the society.

4) Discuss with different teams about extra rehearsals in advance so that room bookings for these practices can be done as early as possible.

What can I bring to the society:
1) Selflessness
2) Efficiency
3) Caring

Being a committee member of MSoc will not give me a sense of pressure or stress, but joy and satisfaction instead, as I believe that as long as there is passion, I can strive to give my best to the community!