Photo of Nicholas Goh

Nicholas Goh

Malaysian: President

I am Nicholas, a 1st Year Chemical Engineer and I am running for President. You may know me better as Morgan from Mnight ‘19, the one who steals people’s hearts.

Since joining the Malaysian Society in October, I have felt nothing but overwhelming support from the committee and its members, making our transition from Malaysia to the UK as seamless as possible. I was promised a home away from home, which is exactly what I have found here. To ensure that next year’s freshers and MSOC members will be able to find a ‘family’ in MSoc is what inspired me to run for the role of the president.

If elected, I would prioritize:
i) A culture of inclusivity
I would seek to maintain a focus on prioritising the welfare of members, especially first years who are new to the college next year, whilst simultaneously promoting interactions between members at different levels of university.

ii) Collaboration with other societies
I would seek to promote inter-societal relationships, liaising with other societies to explore the possibility of organising events such as a sports league and a one-off cultural food fair.

iii) Sponsorship and thinking about our future.
My main objective on this front is to improve our relationship with our current sponsors to ensure we keep them on board, and perhaps even raise their tier of sponsorship.

In summary, if elected, I will invest effort and time into MSoc to ensure mine and my committee’s joint vision becomes a reality.