Photo of Sanjana Ganguly

Sanjana Ganguly

Indian: Head of Just Bollywood

Just Bollywood Heads - Sanjana Ganguly (sg2017) and Akila Sekar (ar5716)

Over the years, Just Bollywood has established itself as UK’s largest inter-university Bollywood dance competition. JB18 achieved great milestones, including moving to a prestigious venue and increasing team diversity. We aspire to be JB heads to further accelerate the growth of the show and to be a part of the legacy.

As part of the Indian Soc committee last year, both of us have tackled different scenarios and acquired diverse skill sets. Additionally, having performed together in EMW17, we know we work well together and play to each other’s strengths.

I, Sanjana, was Dance AD and runner for two JB teams. These experiences have helped me understand performer requirements and focus on the importance of building good relationships with the teams. This will help while choosing a venue for show day and liaising with participating teams.

I, Akila, was Vice-President and was closely involved with the organisation of JB18. The tasks I completed leading up to the show educated me about multiple aspects of the show, including: finances, relationships with sponsors and logistics. This experience will help to maintain the high quality of the show while improving certain aspects.

As JB heads a few of our objectives are to:
- Focus on sponsorships
- Reach out to a wider audience
- Increase team involvement with the charity
- Build good rapport with the teams

Planning ahead of time, having back-up plans and organisation are the key to making our vision of JB19 a reality.