Photo of Ali Khalid

Ali Khalid

Indian: Artistic Director (Drama)

Ali Khalid (ak7718) and Sanjeet Kaur (sk3218).

Hi! We are Sanjeet and Ali, and we are so excited to be running as a pair for Drama AD for EMW 2020! Having performed in lead roles in EMW19, we understand the scale of the production and the significance drama holds in linking the various acts in the show together. I (Sanjeet) have taken part in two school productions and studied Drama at GCSE. This included performing as a lead character, but also directing just as much, so I understand what’s expected by both directors and performers. I (Ali) also have experience, having performed in two musicals and one Shakespeare production as a lead role. I enjoy communicating with a large cast and giving advice, so that the cast can develop as actors. We both loved EMW19 so much and now we have ambitions to take drama to a a greater standard, matching the level produced by actual drama societies. At times, we have been frustrated at the perception of drama; people expect it to be average. Under our guidance and support, we hope to elevate drama and people’s expectation of it to a level that acts, such as dance, perform to.

Indian society has played an integral role in our first year; it has a provided a platform to do what we love alongside talented and dedicated people. We’d love to be given this opportunity to oversee the progression we hope for.