Photo of Shivani Kalair

Shivani Kalair

Indian: Artistic Director (Dance)

Partaking in East Meets West for 2 years has been the highlight of my University experience. Participating as both a performer and choreographer(Mastani 2019) has provided me a valuable insight into the functioning of performing acts; a key understanding required for an Artistic Director of Dance.
Working with current ADs, I learnt the crucial role they have in the overall performance of dance and fashion. Their support provides a stress-free environment and allows for healthy progression within acts. Having participated/choreographed externally in multiple Bollywood dance groups, I believe that I have the creative eye, knowledge and experience in dance and fashion for the role. Excellent time management and organisation is needed to attend to each act equally; being chairman of my Sixth Form Social Committee allowed me to develop and demonstrate these skills.
My ethos for the upcoming year is to ensure the ideas of choreographers blossom and provide support both artistically and emotionally. An amazing performance can only be showcased when the performers unite in their enjoyment for dance or love of the catwalk. Motivation is the simple tool to achieve this thus highlighting the importance of socials. Mastani had many both inside and outside of rehearsals and as AD I would liaise with choreographers to do the same whilst integrating dance and fashion much more.
If chosen for AD, through my friendly nature and passion for creativity, I will strive to put on a spectacular show full of happiness and energy to reflect the purpose of EMW.