Photo of Arunima Basu

Arunima Basu

Indian: Artistic Director (Dance)

I’m Arunima and I’m running to be your next Dance AD! Having performed at Just Bollywood 2018, choreographed the EMW 2019 classical act ‘Dhrishti’, and being an avid learner and performer of Kathak for the last 8 years, I have a wide range of dance experiences. Having been a choreographer this year, I know the challenges involved in teaching and cleaning a team of dancers, putting me in a prime position to help future choreographers implement their ideas as they envision them and help their team perform to the best of their ability. My strong background in both Classical and Bollywood dancing further enhances my ability to assist choreographers in all 3 dance acts to put on the best possible show, regardless of dance style.
Vote for me so I can help the Indian Society take its dance performances to the next level!