Photo of Advaith Sastry

Advaith Sastry

Indian: President

Indian Society has been like finding a family away from home. We have a vision of continuing the legacy left by our predecessors, spearheading another year of Indian Society success.

I, Hardik Aggarwal(ha6017), am the treasurer for this year. Having intimate experience with how the society is run and knowledge about financial aspects puts me in a unique position to succeed in the role of president. I, Advaith Sastry(ajs917), am one of the social secretaries for this year. Having regularly interacted with our entire membership, I have developed a deep understanding of what the perception of the society is and identified areas for improvement. My role also provided me with detailed insight into how the society functions.

We have four goals for the year. Our primary goal is to rectify the societies finances, without compromising the quality and engagement of events. Second, with regards to Just Bollywood, expanding the reach is paramount to evolving into a unique show with national recognition. Third, we want to work on changing the perception of EMW from a dance based show to an integration of Indian culture into the western world. Finally, we want to introduce a greater focus on ethnicity in the society and its events, celebrating our broad and diverse culture.

As presidents, we will be dedicated to creating the right platform for all of our members to experience and enjoy all aspects of Indian culture. If this is a vision you share, vote for us to make it happen!