Photo of Nan Zhou

Nan Zhou

Chinese Students & Scholars Association: Head of Careers Department

I am Nan Zhou, 1st year math student at IC and I am here to run for Head of Careers Department in CSSA. Working with a group of friendly, competent members, in the past year, gives me the sense of belonging since arriving imperial. Importantly, those activities we hold, like Corporate Interview, Job Experience Workshop truly contributes to students’ career plan. That is why I choose to run for head of Careers department.

In daily live, I am crazy about sailing sport, I tried to hold a five-person sailing team as the leader to conquer fierce windstorm on the sea, to reach an isolated island, miles away from the coastline.

I sing songs I like, so I joined DNA band at imperial to play music with my team to people like us.

I admire person with wisdom, so I worked with them as a team and get two national patents back in high school.

Modestly, I am not the person with strong individual ability but I truly proud of what role I play in in a teamwork. I will listen to my teammates and mediate with everyone to push the whole project forward, to enhance efficiency and enthusiasm among them. I personally participate many activities career department hold and accomplish different jobs, so I am familiar with whole procedure of how to plan a brand-new event and prevent common emergency based on my experience. That is my competitive edge to get the position I run for.

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