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Yueying Huang

Chinese Students & Scholars Association: Deputy Head of Careers Department

My name is Huang Yueying and I’m currently in my first year of studying chemistry. I am running for Deputy Head of Careers Department. As one of the members in CSSA, I am deeply engaged in creating a better university life for the students in imperial college with my experience in CSSA and student council.

In this position, my responsibility will be to coordinate and cooperate with individual member to organize numerous activities such as Job Fair, Career Talk and Experience-sharing Sessions with more renowned Universities and companies. My goal is to try to launch different activities corresponding to the students with different majors, which increase their job opportunities apart from computer and financial industries. In addition, I will also accept more student feedback in order to provide a service more tailored to students’ need and want through, for example, email surveys and face-to-face contact. Moreover, it is important to not only cooperate with other departments in CSSA but also get along with members in our department. I will listen to their suggestions and know how to split tasks in order to achieve the highest efficiency.

With your voices behind me, I will try my best to lead to a better career department. So if you like what I hope to achieve, I would be most appreciative of your support!