Photo of Weichen Wang

Weichen Wang

Chinese Students & Scholars Association: Assistant Treasurer

The necessity of the existence of an assistant treasurer is undoubted. However, what is the key reason and therefore condition for such a demand? In my point of view, it is to supervise, to regulate, and to monitor (even the treasurer). It is not hard for an unexperienced person to learn how to record, to monitor. Nonetheless, to analysis data from previous records and regulate properly is difficult for a person without corresponding skill and mathematical knowledge.

In contrast, I believe that I am capable for this place due to my past experience and knowledge for handling data. Growing up in a family with accountants, I was able to reasonabaly distribute limited resource and optimise the output, which was exactly what I did in the student union of my previous college. Moreover, as a member of finance department of student union in the current year, with handling the financial statements for several events, I am clear about the structure of CSSA, the procedure of its events, and the possible improvement to be made.

At last, if I am able to be the assistant treasurer next year, I will be responsibly earnest, and work to provide the optimal benefit to CSSA members.