Placeholder candidate photo

Beitong Gao

Chinese Students & Scholars Association: Head of Entertainment Department

Hi everybody,
I’m Beitong, a second-year Biochemistry student and I’m here standing for the head of the entertainment department of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association.

I’ve worked in CSSA for a year now, and I appreciate the experience I get from society. As an international student in the UK, I’ve met and made lots of new friends here, which I feel a sense of belonging. It also gives me lots of chance to do new jobs, which I’ve never done before.

Why the head of the entertainment department?
I think entertainment is crucial for Imperial student, who spend most of their time in a stressful study environment. I want to help my peer to relax and have fun while they don’t need to work. I would make every effort to organise more diverse activities for next year and still maintain the high quality of our events.

Why you choose me?
This is an important point!!! I’ve participated in lots of events from last year such as Fresher’s Party, Running Man and IC-CSSA Chinese New Year Festival Gala. In those activities, I was involved in different roles, including ticket selling, activity planning, activity setting and events organising. I also plan to arrange some new activities with other universities, such as talent show, short trip and project cooperation etc. Therefore, alongside my experience, I believe I can bring Imperial students more exciting events for next year and make CSSA an even better society.

Thanks for reading,