Photo of Xinyuan Song

Xinyuan Song

Chinese Students & Scholars Association: Deputy President (External)

Hello everyone! My name is Xinyuan Song and I am standing for the deputy president (external) of Imperial CSSA. As the current deputy head of the Arts department, I involved myself in many activities and played important roles.

As the vice director of the London joint universities Spring Festival Gala 2019, I was in charge of the audition, rehearsals, personnel assignment and the backstage management of the show. Moreover, during the preparatory stage of the gala (poster design, advertising, ticketing), I gained the experience in negotiating and working with other departments of CSSA. Also, I participated in the CSSA Beijing Freshers send-off in summer to welcome the newly enrolled students to Imperial and gave a brief talk about my life in IC.

I believe that, with those experiences and knowledge, I am competent to the role of deputy president (external) of CSSA and I am able to bring more benefits to all the members of CSSA. Thanks for your time and please vote for me!